September 28, 2017

Legacy Data


A conventional GDPR engagement will cover Process and Training etc. for your future activity.

Some companies also have a lot invested in their existing ‘Legacy’ data and you have two options for dealing with it – Fix it or Destroy it.

We think fixing Legacy Data should be an option that your expert can offer, because it can have a key impact on your business and it needs to be integrated with the rest of your GDPR action plan.

Minimising the costs of upgrading all types of Legacy Data has been the core of Market Shape’s expertise for twenty years.

We have so far found at least 18 potentially different data types that each need different rules of use. Taking the trouble to understand them individually can almost certainly be better than throwing them away.

Here, an entirely different skill-set is required; to ‘fix’ the legacy data in the most cost-effective way, so that it can continue to generate opportunities into the future, without a break in continuity.

In many cases, it is a simple internal process, but if you need to make changes, you should know about the practical implications and cost options now, not next year.