September 29, 2017

2. Keep GDPR implementation simple with DIY

Unless you are a particularly large company, GDPR compliance need not be difficult to achieve.

Most companies won’t have much to improve, you just need to find the easiest way to prove that you are compliant.

It can be just about knowing how to combine the internal ‘data protection’ elements that you already have in place, and then fill the gaps in a way that creates a robust total Compliance policy. Not difficult, it just needs some expert guidance and some time.

The two extremes;

An off-the-shelf software product is an easy DIY option if you have a dedicated Data Protection Officer on site. If your ‘responsible person’ has another ‘main’ job however, then even the time taken to learn how to use these programmes can be a challenge. And ‘support’ will be to do with how to use the software, not how to address the complications of your particular  GDPR business issues.

At the other end, an expert ‘Consultant’ that offer a fully outsourced, ‘turnkey’ solution won’t understand that your employees need to be part of the implementation programe too, because they will be the ones keeping  you compliant, long after the consultant has gone.

Best of both worlds;

Our approach is based on a mid-way assumption that most businesses have different challenges and different individual internal resources. So we use a combination of Software, Face-to-Face, Telephone and Email support as you need it, because every client will need a different mix.

The result is to keep costs as low as possible, while ensuring a robust result. Whether you just need occasional phone support……… or much more help, will depend on your Internal resources. We are happy to help with either.

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