September 29, 2017

1. Understand your challenge before you go looking for help


If you’re not an expert, perhaps your first step should be to understand what your challenges really are, before you invest in a solution?


We have found that personal involvement provides more ‘usable’ conclusions than automated software, so we gather information from your whole management team face to face and then manually interpret it in the context of your specific business model, using the same expert that will then present his conclusions in a Q&A session at your premises.

Typically, this is a £1500 engagement decision, that primarily uses human expertise rather than automated templates.

A typical ‘free’ online automated checklist has about a dozen questions. We have about 175 – 200 questions that usually take a day with your management team and a further one – two days of analysis, reporting and creating recommendations.

The result is a personalised, costed and timed road map for adopting GDPR with a minimum of fuss, by using what you already have inhouse and then just filling in the ‘gaps’. It will give you three deliverables;

  • A ‘Brief’ that you can take to any expert to get a realistic implementation quote, or that you can use as a safe, internal DIY project plan.
  • An estimate of when you need to start to remain legal next year
  • An estimate of how much it really needs to cost.

We are confident enough to offer a ‘money-back’ guarantee because we want to be trusted.


You are not committed to asking us to help with your main implementation, but we will be happy to share our approach for creating a robust but cost effective solution; read more

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